Moussa Dembele comes from a traditional Bwa Bwa Griot family of musicians and craftsmen from Burkina Faso and Mali who have been making and playing musical instruments for generations. He was trained by his father and various family members from a young age. He has gone on to become a professional musician and teacher as well as a master craftsman of West African instruments all of which he has done for the last fifteen years.

Dembele has toured extensively throughout Africa, Europe and Israel as a freelance multi-instrumentalist and band leader.  He spent many years based in Ghana where he played balafon for the renowned Pan-African Orchestra. In addition to the balafon, he also plays the kora and ngoni and percussion including djembe, doum doum and talking drum.


Now based in London, as well as leading his band Koroleko, Moussa has performed as a soloist, for Greenbelt Festival (2017) and Shropshire Music Trust as well as played with bands including Native Sun and Minyanta and recorded on tracks with Afriquoi.  Moussa continues to build exquisite koras, ngoni’s and balafons and can also build and repair percussion instruments such as djembes and doum doums.


Do not hesitate get in contact if you have an up coming project or event and need a musician specializing in West African music to collaborate with or perform. Equally if you are looking for a high quality hand made kora or balafon or need an existing instrument to be fixed Moussa can help. 



(Above) Solo Performance - Amal Stage - Greenbelt Festival 2017      

(Below) Lion's Den Opening Show - Boomtown 2018

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